India vs Bangladesh: Do you know why pink balls are used in day-night matches?

India vs Bangladesh
India vs Bangladesh

The first day-night test was played in 2015 between New Zealand and Australia. The biggest feature of this match is that it is played with a pink ball.

India vs Bangladesh: From November 22, the India-Bangladesh team will play a historic match at the Eden Gardens ground in Kolkata. For the first time, the two teams will be seen playing a day-night test match.

Why Pink ball is used in the Day-Night test match? And what’s the feature?

This is the most important feature:

This ball is easily visible in the floodlights at night. The red ball with which the test is played is less reflective in the dark. For this reason, in the normal Test match, you must have seen the umpires stopping the match many times due to poor light. Because the visibility of this ball decreases.

Apart from this, the pink ball is much brighter than the red, which makes it easier for batsmen and fielders to pick it up at night. However, there are some problems.

The biggest challenge with the pink ball is that it loses its luster only after a few overs. Although batting with this ball in the third session is not easy. It remains to be seen what the experience with this ball is like for India-Bangladesh.

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