Storm Friedman, who won the main gold award in the Olympics for Israel, reported the sale of his decoration on Monday.

Hurricane Friedman, who won the main gold decoration in the Olympics for Israel, reported the sale of his award on Monday. As indicated by the report of Xinhua news office, Friedman (43) composed on his Facebook divider, “I am searching for an eBay master who can make an exceptionally uncommon and unloaded just thing accessible in Israel.” Friedman won this decoration in surfing. He needs to offer his own windsurf alongside the decoration, with which he accomplished this award in the 2004 Olympic Games. Preceding this gold, he had won bronze in 1996 in Atlanta.

In the wake of winning the gold, he had gotten numerous honors from the Israel Olympic Committee and patrons, yet he needed to pay 50 percent of his assessment. Their gold award was stolen in 2005. After seven days, this decoration was found in a backwoods with a multi year old young lady. After the burglary of the award, Friedman expressed, “I can not stand to pay any of this decoration, I am so tragic, I can not tell this thing. After getting the decoration, he had said that such an inclination is going on, to the point that the award has quite recently won. In 2008, Friedman had resigned and ventured into Windsorfer training. In the meantime he began to contend in Mountain Bikes a few times.

gold madalist image by jansatta